Dropped Object Prevention

We specialize in ultra-efficient energy absorbers

The Gravity Link stop falling objects
and absorb 90% of the energy

Gravity8 take drops securing to a new level and introduce the dynamic and ultra-efficient Gravity Link. The secondary retention is a preventive technical barrier made to mitigate the risk of a falling object hitting the ground. A free-falling object will fast generate a significant amount of energy. During the sudden stop when the secondary retention stretches out and stops the object, this energy will be exposed to the anchor points, safety line and the object itself in a short pulse of high energy. A Gravity Link integrated on the anchor line can absorb up to 90% of this energy. This will significantly mitigate the risk of a structural collapse on any part of the secondary retention when the object is stopped in its motion downward.

Why use a Gravity Link

Reduced impact force from a falling object will lower the risk of deformation on the anchor points, anchor line and carabiners, which otherwise may lead to a sudden object drop.
The secondary retention is a preventive technical barrier made to avoid a dropped object from falling. However, there are often safety challenges related to the secondary retention in terms of i.e. strength of anchor points and the dimension of anchor lines. A Gravity Link mounted on the anchor line can reduce/eliminate up to 90% of the energy from a falling object. This will significantly mitigate the risk of a structural collapse from the energy generated when the object suddenly stops falling.

How the Gravity Link works

The unit is connected in-line with the secondary retention and will remain passive if the object is in its place. Should a situation arise, and the object fall out from its static position, the Gravity Link will be activated by the dynamic force of the falling object, and as the anchor line is stretching out, a major part of energy will be absorbed by the Gravity Link. The object will slow down and stop in one smooth movement. The Gravity Link cannot be reused after activation and must be replaced.

The GravityLink is a commercial product taken in use

The Gravity Link is already a commercial product and is safeguarding heavy items around the industry, protecting potential falling objects to create a disaster if they fall out of their position. Often the motivation for introducing the GravityLink to the secondary retention is that the surrounding structure don’t have the strength to resist the energy if the object falls out.

The Gravity Link is designed to be attached to any object

The Gravity Link is available in multiple sizes and can be tailored to work efficient on any object that might come into a potential falling motion before they are stopped by a securing line.