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Thousands of objects mounted in high places both on- and offshore, carry the risk of falling down from their position causing injury on personnel and leading to material damage.

A significant number of these objects are not secured with a secondary retention that intends to stop the object from falling down to a lower level, should the main construction fail or collapse.

Even when a secondary retention is mounted between the object and a solid anchor point, it is often to see that neither the anchor line, anchor points, nor the object it self, are constructed to resist the high impact forces that are generated from the sudden stop after a free fall.

In other situations; one is left to no other choice than leaving the object without the secondary retention as there are no relevant anchor points strong enough to hold back the object if it starts to move downwards.

Why use a Gravity Link

The secondary retention is a preventive technical barrier made to avoid a dropped object from falling down.  However; there are often safety challenges related to the secondary retention in terms of i.e. strength of anchor points and the dimension of anchor lines. A Gravity Link mounted on the anchor line can reduce/eliminate up to 90% of the energy from a falling object.  This will significantly mitigate the risk of a structural collapse from the energy generated when the object suddenly stops falling.

How the Gravity Link works

The unit is connected in-line with the secondary retention and will remain passive as long as the object is in its place. Should a situation arise, and the object fall from its static position, the Gravity Link will be activated by the dynamic force of the falling object, and as the anchor line is stretching out, the majority of energy will be absorbed by the Gravity Link.

The Gravity Link can not be reused after activation.

Items the Gravity Link can be attatched to

In order to work efficiently with objects from 10 and up to 500 kilos, the Gravity Link is available in multiple sizes.

The product is designed to be mounted on an anchor line where the purpose of the anchor line is to work as the secondary retention for an object. The object might be equipment such as; floodlights, crane boom cameras, telecom antennas or any other object attached to an internal or external structure.

The Gravity Link Range

We have developed Gravity Link in several sizes that is divided into weight classes

Product Weight Class
Gravity Link 10

Gravity Link 15

Gravity Link 20

Gravity Link 30

Gravity Link 50

Gravity Link 100

Gravity Link 200

Gravity Link 300

5-12 kg

12-18 kg

18-25 kg

25-35 kg

35-75 kg

75-125 kg

125-250 kg

250-350 kg

What does the Gravity Link include?

There are three product levels available:

  1. The hardware product only; a complete Gravity Link including wires and connectors, ready to be attached to the object as a secondary retention. This product will be delivered with a detailed assembly instruction enabling skilled personnel on site to safely mount the item on place.
  2. The product as described above. In addition we can offer engineering work including stress and material calculations.
  3. A complete delivery including the Gravity Link, engineering work and on site assembling of the actual objects by our personel.

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